A Battle Plan For World Peace!

Gary Lachance
5 min readDec 30, 2020


It all began in 2014, with the startling realization that: “buying Dogecoin was the modern equivalent of buying War Bonds”.

Back in the day, governments used to sell “war bonds” to finance their various wars. Bearers were repaid with interest after the war was (hopefully) won.

But instead of raising money to fight a war, our plan was to sell $1,000,000 worth of “Peace Bonds” to fulfill our Party Revolution and Wage Peace on a truly global scale. To forever eliminate all means of sadness and division!

This would involve the creation of a Documentary Film, Field Manual and “Global Party Pandemic” world tour that would unite the world in celebration and earn us the Nobel Peace Prize. Twice in a row.

Whereupon the accumulated $2,000,000 in prize money would be divided among all Peace bond holders. Not only would world peace finally be achieved, everyone would double their money!

This was not a joke.

The nascent masterplan was outlined in this lovely video from late 2014:

But it wasn’t until seven years later that the stars would finally fully align!

After untold evolution, sacrifice and adventure, we finally had the experience, team, story and cultural cachet within the greater Decentralization community to make this crazy dream reality!

Is Partying really the most effective means of maximizing peace on earth?

100 years ago, an unprecedented event in Party history took place…

“In the early months of World War I, on Christmas Eve, men on both sides of the trenches laid down their arms and joined in a spontaneous celebration. Despite orders to continue shooting, the unofficial truce spread across the front lines.

Even the participants found what they were doing incredible: Germans placed candlelit Christmas trees on trench parapets, warring soldiers sang carols, and men on both sides shared food parcels from home.

They climbed from the trenches to meet in ‘No Man’s Land’ where they buried the dead, exchanged gifts, ate and drank together, and even played soccer.”

This miraculous occurrence could likely have inspired an end to the war, but its Centralized architects soon ordered the soldiers back into the trenches under penalty of death. The rest is history. 💔 😔

Partying is the opposite of violence. A shared experience with the power to inspire even the bitterest of foes to forget their differences and spontaneously connect on a level that goes far deeper than the thinking mind.

And the Open-Source architecture and ethos underlying blockchain technology and the Greater Decentralization Gambit holds the key to peacefully rendering all Centralized power structures obsolete forever,
as Gary has been stating unequivocally since 2011:

The endlessly hilarious and supremely powerful intersection of Open-Source values and Capital-P Partying will be fully explored within our “Battle Plan For World Peace” Field Manual and feature film.

This 100% Open-Source documentary intends to catalyze this unifying energy across the globe; to fully Decentralize the Party Revolution and inspire countless Christmas Truces, wherever and whenever they may be required!

The documentary release will coincide with the full launch of our Peace Bonds offering, but a limited number are also being offered RIGHT NOW to those who donate to the creation of the film!

All Peace Bonds will be issued as limited-edition digital NFTs and the higher denominations will also be physically rendered as beautifully framed collectibles.

Here are some preliminary drafts, created by the inimitable Tanna Po!

A preliminary breakdown of Peace Bond denominations and quantities:

The artistic inspiration:

Each Peace Bond will also function as a ticket to the movie premiere and be ascribed all sorts of other cool features in the future. These are no mere art pieces; these are gifts that will keep on giving!

Please click HERE for full details on how to pre-order these limited-edition pieces or donate anonymously in crypto via our CoinTr.ee page :)

You can also simply donate to the cause. We are linked to nonprofits in Canada and the USA, which can allow donations to be written off as a charitable donation on your taxes.

Are you ready to help us make this crazy dream reality?

Contact us to set up an e-transfer, or direct bank transfer!

To learn more about the divinity of the Doge and all she has inspired, please enjoy the following videos ✨✨✨


The Official Peace Bonds Launch Party will be held at ETH Denver Virtual Innovation Festival!

The Party starts at 8PM Pacific on Thursday February 4th. BE THERE!



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