On The First Full Moon Halloween In 19 years!

JOIN US for a Mixed-Reality Online/Offline event of Epic Proportions!

7–10 PM PDT / 10–1 AM EDT / 2–5 AM GMT / Noon–3 PM AEST OR LATER!

Click HERE during the times above to join the Virtual Party on Zoom.

HERE to activate the DDP Party Beacon to share your Party location.

You can also scan these QR codes for instant access from your phone :)


Once again, we will be activating as many Global Party Nodes as possible to project audio and video from the main Virtual DDP back into the streets!

It’s simple. Just connect your computer to video screen or digital projector to project the Party onto a screen…

Or the entire side of a giant building!

Also be sure to have a webcam or phone capturing YOUR Party so we can share it back into the main Zoom Party and spotlight you!

If you’re in a spot where you can’t be too loud, silent disco headphones or other wireless headsets are another great option!

Our main Anchor Node will be in Vancouver, in collaboration with the Parade Of Lost Souls. Meet at McSpadden Park between 7–10PM to join :)

At 10PM, our Stationary Node will transform into a Roaming Bike Rave that will spread joy and adventure for many hours longer! Bring your bike if you want to join, or track us down using the Party Beacon App!


Please embrace the following as an act of kindness and shared responsibility.

• Please do not attend if you are feeling unwell or have any symptoms (cough, fatigue, sore throat)

• Sanitize your hands upon arrival and again before leaving
(we will have hand sanitizer available)

• Please maintain 2m physical distance from others throughout the Party unless you are within your own established social group

• It’s ok to wear a mask. Please bring one if it helps you feel comfortable

For Our Virtual Party Strategy Guide

For Rad Halloween Background Images for the Virtual DDP on Zoom

To learn EXACTLY how to activate your own Terrestrial Party Node

To join the just-activated Ottawa Node!

To sign up for The Official DDP Mailing List

To support us on Patreon :)

Indeed, these words have never been more true.

With the discord and malcontent permeating our society, the goal of Waging Peace has never been more essential, tangible, or actionable.

The festival of Samhain, Halloween, the Day of the Dead, is traditionally a time to reflect on the transience of life and thus the meaning of our actions.

What better action to take, what better movement to organize, than one to Wage Peace? To Wage Peace on a scale far greater than anything that has come before? To Wage Peace with a community connected in ways that were the realm of science fiction mere decades ago?

Hesitate no more. RSVP now!


The (incredibly) long-awaited DDP documentary is now IN THE WORKS!

Click the video below to learn more!

And CLICK HERE to learn how you can support the creation and Get Involved!

Whether you missed these or devoured them whole, here’s some more videos to sate your hunger for Global Party Unity until Saturday!

Last but not least, the latest rendition of Scaling Spirituality: From Ego Systems To Ecosystems, featuring the DDP origin story and much, much more!

Three hours in length, but don’t fear, the talk is only the first hour and the rest is just meaningful commentary :)

And of course, an illustrated overview of Our Greater Vision:

Follow Ze DDP!
Mailing List (and text beacon)
Virtual DDP Facebook Group
Facebook Page

To help us keep the dream alive and gain access to exclusive perks and karmic dominion, prease support us via Crypto, Paypal or Patreon :)

Undying Love,
Tom and Gary and The Elite Banana Task Force



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Gary Lachance

Decentralized Dance Party / Decentralizing all the things / Enriching the unfathomable reservoirs of the Absurd!