A Battle Plan For World Peace charts the Decentralized Dance Party’s 11-year evolution from a small Party on Vancouver’s Third Beach to a globally relevant movement that aspires to unite all humanity through the power of Partying.

A 2013 envisioning of DDP Beacons globally, before the tech for virtual DDPs existed
The real-time DDP Beacon Map of Peace Day 2020!

The Documentary:

A Battle Plan For World Peace will showcase the DDP’s astounding and hilarious evolution from rural hillbilly buffoonery to a cherished global movement grounded in family-friendly tenets and deep philosophical ideals.


Gary Lachance

Gary is the “Party Philosopher” and self-appointed “Spiritual Advisor” of the DDP, charged with ensuring that the Spirit is never lost and Capital-P Partying perseveres as a uniquely powerful global emancipation movement.

The “Toms”

Tom Kuzma AKA “Original Tom” was Gary’s best friend growing up in rural Ontario. Another unique and hilarious character, he and Gary built the DDP together and there are hundreds of hours of footage featuring the highs and lows as they pioneered Capital-P Party culture over the first two years...

Jacques Martiquet

Gary’s “Unofficial Son” and founder of the VYVE Radical Wellness Company, Jacques is a fierce and fearless young man who was inspired by the DDP and then went on to forge his own path.

Tone / Style:

Present-day interviews and historical footage filmed throughout the DDP’s evolution will be used to craft the narrative structure.

Current Documentary Team:


We are deeply committed to ensuring that we do not end up beholden to Centralized media conglomerates in producing this film and plan to fully embody our Open and Decentralized ethos by releasing it copyright-free.

This would allow it to be broadcast worldwide with zero restrictions and enable our rallying call to reach the maximum number of viewers!

Because of this, financing must be secured by less traditional means. We hope that those who are aligned with our values and vision will please support the cause, either by donating or simply sharing this page :)

We are also linked to film production nonprofits in both Canada and the USA, which will allow donations to be written off as a charitable donation on taxes.

Primary Website:


Decentralized Dance Party / Decentralizing all the things / Enriching the unfathomable reservoirs of the Absurd!

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