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  • Max Borders

    Max Borders

    Futurist, author, and speaker living in Austin, TX.

  • Jacob Devaney

    Jacob Devaney

    Cultural-Creative, Media-Maker, Blogger, Dreamer, Musician. Technology, Art, Science, Health, Spirituality, Culture, Community, Environment

  • The Intern

    The Intern

  • Erik Voorhees

    Erik Voorhees

    Toward peace, markets, and Bitcoin. CEO ShapeShift.com

  • Socialstack


    A social token protocol for an open, inclusive metaverse

  • Seth Goldfarb

    Seth Goldfarb

    Content Marketing & Blockchain http://sethgoldfarbthewriter.com/

  • Ivan Thinking

    Ivan Thinking

    I’m here to share my ideas, experiences, hopes and fears. Committed to overexpression.

  • Kyle J J Kemper

    Kyle J J Kemper

    Technologist, Family Man & Artist | http://link.bar/kemper

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