How To Create A Virtual Art Car For The Burning Man Multiverse

Gary Lachance
3 min readJul 25, 2020


Since the dawn of the pandemic, we’ve been hosting virtual “Decentralized Dance Parties” on Zoom; blending virtual and terrestrial realms to create a series of future-bending hybrid Parties!

Early on, the fabulous folks behind Co-Reality Collective introduced themselves and we immediately recognized them as Cosmic Party Counterparts and began collaborating!

Their “Sparkleverse” Open-Source mapping software creates an Open Party Scaffolding that allows an unlimited number of Zoom Rooms and VR Realms to plug in. It was recently announced that it will be a key component of the Burning Man Multiverse!

It’s still very early days, but this Open-Source platform will surely be heralded as one of the greatest leaps forward in human cultural evolution and very likely precipitate the long-prophesied Sacred Fire Of Partying that will forever illuminate and inspire all humanity!

Here’s a sample of what the interface is like:

Two weeks ago!

We began experimenting with a brand new twist on the concept…


An “Art Car” at Burning Man is a giant vehicle that perambulates the desert. You can jump on and off at will as it roams around the Playa, often stopping at Theme camps and sound stages, or teaming up with other art cars.

A “Virtual Art Car” is very similar. Just load up the Co-Reality Party map on your main computer and you have a mini virtual Playa to roam.

But you needn’t roam in solitude!

To create the most basic “Virtual Art Car”, just get on a video call with several friends and hang out on your phones while traversing the Zoom Realms on your computer.


To take it to the next level, nominate a Virtual Art Car Captain, who will have Dual Zoom Command Centres and can play music for your gang as you navigate the realms together. Ideally everyone will have two computers going so they can see all of their car mates the whole time on grid view and get the full experience.

Anyone can freely jump on and off the art car while you roam and crash other virtual Parties or maybe you’ll just end up in Deep Playa discussing Doge Consciousness for days on end…

The video above showcases our first experiment. Under the command of the Banana Overlord, we invaded numerous Zoom Realms and blasted Limp Bizkit on repeat until everyone changed their backgrounds to bananas.

It was a hilarious time and we hope you will join us for future Unauthorized Banana Incursions this week as we venture to The End Of The Universe!

→ Click HERE to access Co-Reality Collective’s full 8-hour extravaganza (and the roaming DDP Disco Barge from 5:30–8PM).

→ And HERE for just the free DDP-specific ticket (the DDP afterParty starts at 8PM PST, after the Co-Reality Party has concluded).



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