Join us for DDPs in Zurich, Toronto, Vancouver and Wherever You Are on World Peace Day 2019!

Gary Lachance
7 min readAug 8, 2019


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ZURICH <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

A very good friend of the DDP (Decentralized Dance Party) (who may or may not be the brother of Justin Trudeau) named Kyle J. J. Kemper just invited us to host a DDP in the streets of Zurich as the afterParty for the launch event for a new Decentralized currency wallet called Swiss Key… and at the last-minute, we have decided to Go For It!

It’s going down at 9PM on August 9th and we hope you can join! Click HERE for the Facebook Event Page with all the details. Or CLICK HERE if you’re not on Facebook.

And then!

The Very Next Day is Zurich’s annual “Street Parade”, which will see over 1,000,000 Zurichians celebrating in the streets…

Which we intend to crash with our boombox fleet, innumerable Jammypacks and hopefully at least 10 “Soundboks” speakers- The Loudest Portable Speaker In The World. Indisputably the Coolest, we’ve been rocking ours all over the world since Soundboks first gifted us a pair and helped support the creation of this lovely short film back in 2016 :)

Soundboks will be flying in to shoot a mini documentary with us and then hopefully helping to activate all 50,000+ Soundboks owners on World Peace Day! More on that later… ;)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> TORONTO <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Several days later, we’ll be in Toronto to present the DDP to an audience of thousands and host another DDP afterParty at the Blockchain Futurist Conference! It’s going down at 9PM on August 13th. The Facebook Event Page has all the details. Or CLICK HERE for all the details on a non-Facebook platform :)

We’re very excited about these opportunities to continue aligning ourselves with the emergent Decentralization movement. An excerpt from the Zurich and Toronto event pages:

“Beyond Partying, “Decentralization” is an Unstoppable Technocultural Reformation with the power to unify and elevate all humanity. For reals.

And since the dawn of the blockchain, the DDP has been championing Open-Source values and fighting to ensure that this Revolution is promoted as an “Acceptance Movement” (not a Resistance) and a Party to which everyone is invited!

And when Gary was invited to speak on Capital-P Partying and Conscious Decentralization, it only made sense to host a live demonstration later that evening!

On the dance floor, it’s easy to approach each other with Pure Hearts and Positive Intentions. Together, we can enact a cooperative canvas for unity, understanding and truly Elevate the civilization-transforming potential of blockchain technology.

We’re hoping this Party will serve as a catalyst for community and conversation and exemplify what a Decentralized future might not only look, but FEEL like!

We seek to create spaces free of politics, division and struggle. Sacred moments in space and time to be One people on One planet. From there, we can do anything!

As demonstrated in the Brand New Addendum on the above video, we’re evolving beyond boomboxes and now using mini FM receivers to enable an unlimited number of Jammypacks and normal Bluetooth speakers to receive our broadcast!

If you prefer to enjoy / share the shorter teaser video, it’s below :)


One of the indisputable highlights from DogeCon 2018 was our State Of The DΞCENTRALIZΞD Union Address, wherein 22 esteemed delegates shared exactly where the Greater Decentralization Movement was at and how we could work together to create the brightest future possible. It concluded, as all formal gatherings should, with a massive DDP!

Click HERE for a great written piece describing the event and HERE to view a very rough cut of the event video (final version will soon be released!).

We’re planning to host another State Of The Union in 2019… this time on World Peace Day!

>>>>>>>>>>> WORLD PEACE DAY 2019! <<<<<<<<<<<

For World Peace Day 2019, our 100th Party and the DDP’s 10-year anniversary, we’re activating as many Party Revolutionaries as possible across the globe and launching The Most Ambitious Party Ever Devised in our anchor city of Vancouver.

We’ve partnered with our favorite local radio station: Vancouver Co-op Radio to achieve a massively expanded broadcast range that can unite the ENTIRE city in joy and celebration!

Four separate Parties will move to map out a giant peace sign in Vancouver’s downtown core, converge, then break up into smaller groups to venture out and Party with as many new friends as possible.

Then we will converge again and switch from the CFRO broadcast to our portable FM transmitter for a traditional DDP that will conclude the night with an epic Grand Finale! Another large step towards our ultimate objective of uniting the entire world in a Simultaneous Global Dance Party :)

The whole thing will be captured and streamed worldwide using the revolutionary new Karavan social broadcast technology, which was developed right here in Vancouver!

The theme is “World Peace” and in accordance, we’re planning to team up with as many international dance and cultural groups as possible to share and combine their traditional music and dance routines along the Party route. Please contact us if you’d like to be included!

We are also encouraging everyone to bring healthy food and gifts to share throughout the night :)

And we’ll ALSO be teaming up with the inimitable Jacques Martiquet of VYVE to take it all to the next, next level. Check out his Truly Groundbreaking Soundboks-Powered Elevated Party Science HERE.

But that’s not all!

This year, the dream is to truly Decentralize the movement and inspire as many people as possible to host their own independent DDPs all over the world! Admiral Fiesta, longtime leader of the San Francisco DDP has signed on to spearhead the effort!

We’re hoping to sponsor 33 independent groups worldwide with FM receivers, PowerBands (the tassled armbands we always wear), discounted Jammypacks and other Essential Party Accoutrements. Click HERE to contact us if you’d like to create one in your city!

We’re extremely fired up to see as many friends as possible out in the streets internationally or making the Party Pilgrimage to join us in Vancouver.

We ask that all Prospective Party Leaders join us where it all began for a World Peace Weekend of Party workshops, festivities and MORE. We’re already 10 years in, but this is only the Beginning!

“Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war”

Finally, a big thank you to all the beautiful friends who voted for us in the $50,000 Storyhive grant contest to help create our “Another Night, Another Dream” documentary. Unfortunately, we were not selected for a grant, but are still absolutely determined to share our story with the world, Wage Peace on a global scale and unite Humanity as only Capital-P Partying can!

If you’d like to financially support our Peace Day initiative and/or the creation of the documentary, it would be massively appreciated! This is an Of The People, By The People, For The People movement and together we are Unstoppable! Please message us HERE to make a pledge!

> Full World Peace Day details are coming soon!

>>>>>>>>>>>> CAMP DECENTRAL 2019 <<<<<<<<<<<

For anyone wishing to join Camp Decentral At Burning Man 2019, please click HERE for the camp sign-up form and HERE if you’d like to apply to be a speaker at our World Renowned Speaker’s Series!

And check out this recap of our amazing inaugural year. Do not miss out!!!

Undying Love,
Tom, Gary and The Elite Banana Task Force



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