July 4th 2020 Vancouver DDP Comprehensive Battle Plan!

Hey guys here’s an overview of what to expect and how we can best align to create The Ultimate Party Experience for the people of Vancouver tomorrow!

First, please watch this video to get PUMPED UP:

Like the video above, this is another hybrid virtual/terrestrial DDP. I will be broadcasting from the main DDP Command Center via the group zoom call.

The Party will commence at 6:00 PM and for the first two hours, I will be interacting primarily with the virtual audience, saying “oh look, we have friends here from Australia, etc”.

And so!

If you’re roaming around with a Soundboks downtown, you may not want to receive our audio during the first two hours. Feel free to play your own (uplifting and accessible) tunes, or enjoy my playlists on Spotify. Here’s a Disco-Specific Playlist. Saturday’s theme is DISCO.

And then!

At 8:00, the “Soundboks Power Hour” will commence and I will be spotlighting and interacting specifically with all the Soundboks teams.

This is the time when you connect the Zoom audio to the Soundbokses!


Right now, the nodes are:

  • Jacques / VYVE

Jacques will be on bicycles, Aaron will have the big pull trailer going again, Michelle will be stationary and I’m not sure what Cody’s plan is yet…


The DDP app is just a simple web app. No downloads required, you just need to ensure that your GPS / “Location Services” is turned on in your phone’s privacy settings and that you give permission for your web browser to share your location. Here’s a video showing what the app looks like:


When you turn the app on, it will ONLY show you the other Parties in your vicinity. You have to hit the “Host a Party” button and then you will BECOME a Party Beacon and the Party audio will start to stream through your phone!

Please ensure that your phone doesn’t go into “lock mode” as this may disable the Party Beacon. Send the link below to allow your friends to stream the audio and find your roaming Party :)

>>> Access The App Here: https://bit.ly/partybeacon

Please test the app now to be sure it works with your phone and browser. Still may be some glitches, as it’s brand new!

The phone with the beacon should be held by each team leader, as they will be controlling the volume level of the music and communicating with the crowd via their voice.


I will be equipping every Soundboks team with a megaphone and a headset microphone that can be plugged directly into the Soundboks. This will allow you to communicate with the crowd: to hype them up, explain who we are and remind everyone to remain socially distanced. The current guidelines in BC limit gatherings to 50 people maximum.

From everything I’ve read, the virus is MUCH more transmissible indoors and nearly impossible to transmit outdoors without direct contact, so as long as people are outside and a minimum of six feet apart, it isn’t really even a “gathering”. It’s just people outside in a space and should be extremely safe.

But yes, it’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY as Team Leaders to ensure that the crowd doesn’t get too big and people ideally don’t get too close together. You can control them using your voice and by turning down the music if they get too excited and aren’t hearing you.

Also, please do not swear or ever say anything that might be hurtful to any person or group or be a divisive statement.

That means not expressing any support for or against any religion, political party or politician or movement other than the DDP, whose sole purpose is “Bringing People Together and Setting Them Free”

The DDP does not protest the problems, it only embodies the solutions. This has been our stance for almost a decade :)

Our goal is to respect all people as individuals and avoid group identifications in order to create The Most Inclusive Parties Possible. This is why we recently cancelled the Canada Day DDP. Please read This Post that specifically outlines why we did so and the DDP’s inclusion policy.


The prime objective of the DDP is also to create an experience that naturally liberates people from their inhibitions, rather than relying on drugs and alcohol. This is detailed in our Party Manifesto.

As such, we ask that team leaders please not consume during the Party and politely discourage consumption within your team and anyone who may join you. This event should remain family-friendly at all times :)

Please also encourage your filmer(s) to not film anyone drinking or displaying flags or other potentially divisive things to maximize the vibe of fun and inclusion.

This has never really been a problem, but we are more aware than ever these days and always seeking to improve!



Joel is our main filmer and will be sticking with Team Rumble Palace. He has a nice phone and specialized WiFi streaming gear.

Other Soundboks Teams: Please determine in advance at least two people on your team who can be dedicated filmers.

All they need to do is connect to our Zoom call, hold the camera sideways (not upright) and steady and film the best Party action so that we can spotlight you on the Zoom call and share your work with the world!

They should also have a good quality phone and data plan and a backup battery to charge the phone if it gets low.

The most important time to film is during the Soundboks Power Hour from 8:00 PM — 9:00 PM!

We also really would like as many people as possible to be recording footage directly to their phones that isn’t being streamed to the zoom call, so that we have a good quality recording of everything for future promotional edits.

I’m working on getting more people to film, but nothing is confirmed yet. Please reach out if you have friends!


Ideally, the team leader will be streaming the music through the DDP Party Beacon APP. If the App isn’t working or is too quiet, just stream the audio through Zoom directly :)


The weather is looking good, but if it rains, I’d still love to have teams out there and making the best of it!


Personal: Have extra batteries for your phone(s), Soundboks(es), and storage space on your phone(s) to record video. Also please ensure enough data to stream the audio and video

From DDP: I will set you up with Soundboks, microphone, a bunch of latex gloves for the team to wear and hand sanitizer if you would like. And costumes of course! And Business cards to (safely) hand out.. or just have people take photos of them :)


We have a dedicated Whatsapp communications chat running during all DDPs that connects me to the co-hosts who are spotlighting and bouncing the Party. Please direct message me your phone number if you’d like to be added. This will allow you to directly tell us when to best film and unmute you!


As stated above, I will provide hand sanitizer, surgical gloves and the equipment required for you to communicate with and control the crowd. We are extremely luck to have one of the lowest Covid rates in the world, which allows us the freedom to still go about our lives and have small celebrations.

Lets do this responsibly and respectfully. We may only have a short time window before quarantine restrictions increase again, so let’s make the most of it and do everything in our power to uplift and many people as possible!

During these Parties you are representing yourself and the DDP and our reputation is always on the line. Please be sure you have read and fully agree to everything herein before you step into the streets.


Decentralized Dance Party / Decentralizing all the things / Enriching the unfathomable reservoirs of the Absurd!