Help Celebrate World Peace Weekend With a Simultaneous Global Party!


If you’d like to join virtually, CLICK HERE to acquire your by-donation ticket :)


We’re not sure yet how many people will be sharing the Party back into the streets across the globe, but we will definitely have a major Vancouver presence! → FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE


You can scan these QR codes to instantly access either the Party or the app!

  • Click at 3PM PDT SHARP to join the Virtual Zoom Party directly.
  • Or activate the DDP Party Beacon to share your Location. We’re hoping to hit at least 100 active nodes for our 100th Party!


For 11 years, the “Decentralized Dance Party” (or “DDP”) was a giant roaming street Party with no Central audio source and no Central location; created using an FM radio transmitter to broadcast music and voice to hundreds of boomboxes, carried by thousands of participants!



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Gary Lachance

Gary Lachance

Decentralized Dance Party / Decentralizing all the things / Enriching the unfathomable reservoirs of the Absurd!