What Is The Million Doge Disco?

Gary Lachance
4 min readJun 26, 2021

The Million Doge Disco is the ultimate evolution of the Decentralized Dance Party (DDP), an Open-Source Party movement that has been active since the dawn of the blockchain.

We fell in love with Dogecoin and the Doge in late 2013 and immediately dedicated our lives to promoting her teachings, as demonstrated in this classic interview from 2014:

We then hosted Camp Dogecoin at Burning Man in 2014, continuing to interpret and promote her teachings…

Our dedication to expanding Doge Consciousness continued unabated for the next four years. Everything came to a glorious climax during Dogecon; a four-day festival dedicated to all things Doge:

Eventually, it was realized that the best way to achieve our dream of a Doge-Fueled Simultaneous Global Dance Party was to combine: Pokemon Go, the Harlem Shake and “some sort of Party coin”, as espoused in the video below at the 10-minute mark:

When the pandemic struck, we began experimenting with mixed-reality celebrations that blended virtual and terrestrial realms… the very humble beginnings of a Party Metaverse

After a highly successful Global Activation on World Peace Day, we dove deep into the world of NFTs, hoping to finally launch our long-awaited Peace Bonds fundraiser in order to complete our long-awaited DDP documentary.

Then, a dear friend connected us with a little-known NFT platform called BlockV

In relative obscurity, they had built what seemed to be the most powerful and versatile NFT platform in the world… and it was instantly recognized to be The Technology The World Had Been Waiting For.

It would allow us to create an augmented reality Doge-incentivized Party Game that would hopefully inspire the entire world to unify against the forces of fear and division.

As we contemplated what was possible on this amazing new platform, it was rapidly realized that we could now create an augmented reality Party Metaverse.

No longer would we be required to interface with each other through Zoom calls or project our mixed-reality Parties on walls. Very soon, it would be possible to create a Persistent Party Layer on top of reality, allowing anyone, anywhere to instantly view or transport themselves anywhere in the world.

With augmented reality glasses, all screens vanished, the entire world became a stage, and every surface could be animated with light, sound and colour!

Finally those who loved peace could organize as effectively as those who loved war. As long as we were guided by the proper intentions and utilized Open and Decentralized technologies, Everything Was Finally Possible.

Luckily, the same friend who introduced us to BlockV was also a game psychology master who had been developing a game “to elevate global consciousness” for many years…

He helped guide the development of the Million Doge Disco over the coming months, making many invaluable suggestions that would keep people engaged and inspired…


Partying is the opposite of violence. A shared experience with the power to inspire even the bitterest of foes to forget their differences and spontaneously connect on a level that goes far deeper than the thinking mind.

>>> This is a work in progress that will be added to as time permits. Thanks for reading! Please visit DogeDisco.com to sign up and get involved :)



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