Why We Chose To Cancel The Canada Day 2020 Decentralized Dance Party

Gary Lachance
2 min readJun 30, 2020


A Decentralized Dance Party was originally scheduled for Canada Day July 1st with a “Canadiana” theme (participants were invited to creatively express the most beloved aspects of their unique heritage as people who had grown up in Canada).

However, after deep discussion and careful consideration, it was decided that we would shift the date to Saturday July 4th (our standard weekly DDP date) and instead go with a “Roaming Global Disco” theme instead.


We shifted because the prime objective of the DDP is to create the most inclusive Party experiences possible. To be associated with any religion, nationality or other group identity diminishes the power and magic of this “Acceptance Movement” that we have been meticulously crafting for the past 11 years.

We initially felt that it would be possible to host a neutral, all-inclusive Party on Canada Day. One that leveraged the spirit of joy and revelry on what is traditionally a very special day for many Canadians and Canada’s largest Summer celebration.

But after receiving calm, constructive feedback from a variety of sources, it was realized that there was no possible way to host a DDP on this day without alienating a large number of people and compromising our core mission.

The DDP is a movement for the celebration of individual self-expression, not group identity. We seek only to create perfect moments in time where we can freely exist as One People on One Planet.

We hope you will support this decision and join us on Saturday July 4th instead. The objective remains the same: unifying as many people as possible in transcendent celebration and social healing :)

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-Gary Lachance DDP co-founder



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