The DDP Launches New Party Technology To Enable Safe, Nationwide Celebration

The Decentralized Dance Party gained tremendous momentum in the wake of physical distancing and is now spearheading a groundbreaking transition back into the physical world with their Social Dis-Dance Roaming Global Disco Party!


Vancouver, B.C. - June 25, 2020 - Tom and Gary’s Decentralized Dance Party, more commonly referred to as “Decentralized Dance Party” or “DDP,” has experienced tremendous interest from fun-seekers worldwide in the wake of the pandemic.

Once quarantine began, the group launched a series of highly successful Virtual Decentralized Dance Parties (VDDPs). They have hosted these international celebrations every single Saturday night for the past 11 weeks.

Now, using a revolutionary technological innovation that can blend virtual worlds with terrestrial realms, the group is creating a safe transition back into “Social DisDance Parties”. These hybrid Parties use live Zoom calls tethered to giant portable “Soundboks” speakers to share the Parties back into public spaces, where “social dis-dancing” can occur.

A Live Party Map (see video below) allows these mobile Party locations to be discovered by others seeking to join and portable projectors allow the video link to be completed, eliminating any sense of separation between Party participants!

“Although the pandemic has cancelled almost every major event, we are excited to offer a venue for thousands of strangers to come together, dress up, laugh, dance and Party, even in a world where we must remain safely distanced” said Gary Lachance, Co-Founder of the DDP.

The event was originally promoted to be held on Canada Day, but due to cultural considerations and the DDP’s ethos of radical inclusion, the Party has been shifted to this Saturday July 4th. Full details of the factors surrounding this decision can be found HERE.

Pre-COVID, the DDP brought together groups of individuals in person. The participants would carry vintage boomboxes and the DJ (Gary) wore a backpack containing an FM radio transmitter. All the boomboxes were tuned into the master FM broadcast, resulting in a mobile, synchronized sound system and a completely mobile party.

The DDP was created in Vancouver, 11 years ago and has since attracted hundreds of thousands of participants across four continents, with the largest Party attracting 20,000 participants.

“The pandemic really drove us to innovate and launch the Virtual Decentralized Dance Party, or VDDP. Technology has enabled us to be digitally connected and come together like never before with video conferencing tools, and now, because of our unique structure we are taking these Parties back into the real world in a safe way.” said Gary Lachance.

DDP aims to spread joy and light while connecting people all over the world through dance, inclusion and acceptance. They feel this to be a timely response to the reported increased levels of fear, isolation, uncertainty and anxiety due to the global pandemic.

“Dancing and exercise can help to strengthen your immune system, while also combating depression and loneliness. We invite participants to dress up, turn their homes into the ultimate Party Palace and invite their “quaran-teammates” to join,” said Tom , co-founder of the DDP.

“By blending Virtual and Terrestrial realms, it’s now possible for MILLIONS of people to simultaneously “Wage Peace”. To create synchronized global celebrations more powerful and moving than anything seen before! The Entire World transformed into a dance floor and all humanity united in celebration!” added Lachance.

The theme is “A Multifaceted Multicultural Multilingual Mobile Disco Party to Celebrate Summer” and costumes are strongly encouraged.

To maximize their Party potential, guests are also encouraged to read the DDP’s Party Manifesto and assimilate their Virtual Party Strategy Guide.

The celebration begins at 6:00PM PDT and will conclude at 9:00PM PDT.

To register for the virtual Party, visit

Or to share costume tips and join the conversation, visit the Facebook Event.

Full instructions for safely sharing the Party back into public spaces with portable speakers will be available soon on both platforms and the DDP’s main website at

About the DDP:

Tom and Gary’s Decentralized Dance Party, commonly referred to as the “Decentralized Dance Party” or “DDP,” is a global movement focused on bringing individuals together to Party, wherever they are. Launched in Vancouver, B.C. in 2009, the DDP has attracted hundreds of thousands of participants worldwide. To learn more about the history of the DDP, its guiding principles and the team’s dream of winning the Nobel Peace Prize for Partying, visit:

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  • Please forward all press inquiries to: gary<at>theddp<dot>com

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