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On The First Full Moon Halloween In 19 years!

JOIN US for a Mixed-Reality Online/Offline event of Epic Proportions!

The Decentralized Dance Party gained tremendous online momentum in the wake of the pandemic and is now spearheading a groundbreaking transition back into the physical world with their Global Peace Party on World Peace Weekend.


Vancouver, B.C. — September 15, 2020 — Tom and Gary’s Decentralized Dance Party, known commonly as the “Decentralized Dance Party” or “DDP,” has experienced tremendous interest from fun-seekers worldwide in the wake of COVID-19.

Since quarantine began, the group has hosted highly successful Virtual Decentralized Dance Parties (VDDPs) for the past 23 weeks.

Created 11 years ago in Vancouver, BC, the DDP traditionally creates open-source, large-scale, mobile parties that treasure inclusiveness and creativity, bringing together groups of people to celebrate en masse. Participants carry vintage boomboxes and the DJ is outfitted with a portable FM radio transmitter. All the boomboxes tune into the FM broadcast, creating a mobile, synchronized sound system and a completely mobile party. …

For over a decade, the “Decentralized Dance Party” (or “DDP”) was a giant roaming street Party with no Central audio source and no Central location; created using an FM radio transmitter to broadcast music and voice to hundreds of boomboxes, carried by thousands of participants!

Our ultimate objective was to broadcast a Simultaneous Global Dance Party that would unite the entire world in transcendent celebration and earn us the Nobel Peace Prize for Partying. Seriously.

But then!

With the dawning of the pandemic, we were forced to “Decentralize” the DDP in bold new ways and began experimenting with a series of virtual Parties! …

Since the dawn of the pandemic, we’ve been hosting virtual “Decentralized Dance Parties” on Zoom; blending virtual and terrestrial realms to create a series of future-bending hybrid Parties!

Early on, the fabulous folks behind Co-Reality Collective introduced themselves and we immediately recognized them as Cosmic Party Counterparts and began collaborating!

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Their “Sparkleverse” Open-Source mapping software creates an Open Party Scaffolding that allows an unlimited number of Zoom Rooms and VR Realms to plug in. It was recently announced that it will be a key component of the Burning Man Multiverse!

It’s still very early days, but this Open-Source platform will surely be heralded as one of the greatest leaps forward in human cultural evolution and very likely precipitate the long-prophesied Sacred Fire Of Partying that will forever illuminate and inspire all humanity! …

DISCLAIMER: This information is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Please refer to local policies and guidelines in your region for the most up to date advice and policies!

In a world where full-scale festivals are no longer possible, we must find new, innovative ways to safely connect and elevate Global Party Culture!

Using relatively simple tech hacks, it’s now possible to create a Decentralized network of Party nodes with send-and-receive video connectivity to turn the entire world into a virtual dance floor!

We view this movement as an Essential Service, as many are suffering due to lack of connection and these events enable a huge boost to mental wellbeing, especially for those who are currently isolated in quarantine! …

Although the pandemic has resulted in unprecedented levels of social isolation, the Decentralized Dance Party (DDP) has been working tirelessly to develop revolutionary new technologies that boost spirits and enhance connection worldwide.

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Since March, the DDP has hosted 23 wildly successful mixed-reality DDPs and helped co-create the Sparkleverse, a brand new “Love-Based Social Network” which went live during this year’s Virtual Burning Man.

Now, our sights are set on a Simultaneous Global Dance Party on World Peace Weekend this September 19th!


We are hosting a MASSIVE DDP that will be the greatest step yet towards the creation of a Nobel-Prize-worthy global celebration! …

Are you ready to help co-create the most innovative Parties the world has ever witnessed? To Wage Peace on a global scale and turn the entire world into a dance floor with a Mixed-Reality celebration that takes place simultaneously both Online and in the streets?

Join us as we distantly (or digitally) dis-dance alongside hundreds of others in Vancouver and beyond. The first fully Decentralized Party of the new decade!

The Party will be held on World Peace Weekend- Saturday September 19th starting at 3PM PDT :)

Here’s how it works!

As demonstrated in the video above, everyone on the Zoom call can be a Party Node out in the streets, spreading the vibe to hundreds of Strangers! …

Hey guys here’s an overview of what to expect and how we can best align to create The Ultimate Party Experience for the people of Vancouver tomorrow!

First, please watch this video to get PUMPED UP:

Like the video above, this is another hybrid virtual/terrestrial DDP. I will be broadcasting from the main DDP Command Center via the group zoom call.

The Party will commence at 6:00 PM and for the first two hours, I will be interacting primarily with the virtual audience, saying “oh look, we have friends here from Australia, etc”.

And so!

If you’re roaming around with a Soundboks downtown, you may not want to receive our audio during the first two hours. Feel free to play your own (uplifting and accessible) tunes, or enjoy my playlists on Spotify. Here’s a Disco-Specific Playlist. Saturday’s theme is DISCO.

For 11 years, the “Decentralized Dance Party” or “DDP” was a roaming street Party, created by using a portable FM radio transmitter to broadcast music out to hundreds of battery-powered boomboxes:

But with the dawning of the Pandemic, the DDP went virtual, resulting in a weekly Party event and the pledge that we would host these VDDPs
Every Saturday Night Until The Entire World Is Partying Together”.

And we weren’t joking!

We’re now 30 Saturdays in and have cracked the code on how to turn the entire world into a dance floor. …


Gary Lachance

Decentralized Dance Party / Decentralizing all the things / Enriching the unfathomable reservoirs of the Absurd!

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