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A Battle Plan For World Peace charts the Decentralized Dance Party’s 11-year evolution from a small Party on Vancouver’s Third Beach to a globally relevant movement that aspires to unite all humanity through the power of Partying.

For over a decade, the Decentralized Dance Party (or “DDP”) was a giant roaming street Party with no Central audio source and no Central location, created using an FM radio transmitter to broadcast music and voice to hundreds of boomboxes, carried by thousands of participants.

Its founders, two best friends named Tom and Gary, were Renegade Party Architects who invented this “Decentralized Sound System” technology.

Early on, they realized that this unique new form of social alchemy had a near-limitless potential to unite humanity and dedicated their lives to spreading the movement globally.

And it was rapidly ascertained that this mission would require hosting a Simultaneous Global Dance Party to earn the Nobel Peace Prize for Partying.

This was not a joke.

Their dedication was proven over the course of the next decade, as they led massive crowdfunded “Party Safari” tours across Canada, the USA, Europe and Beyond.

Together, they pushed the technology and their bodies, minds and spirits to the limit, while continually evolving and refining the Open-Source Ideals that underpinned this burgeoning cultural movement.

These Parties completely transformed public space, creating revolutionary new environments where total strangers could instantly connect on a deep human level.

Within these “temporary autonomous zones”, community spontaneously arose and social healing took place on an unprecedented scale. It was the opposite of violence. A unique new means of “Waging Peace”.

In times of polarization, depression and discord, the DDP shone forth as a beacon of hope with limitless potential!

This unique brand of “Capital-P Partying” (where the prime objective is to liberate people from their inhibitions via the Party itself, rather than relying on substances) represented a rare Common Goal that was proven time and again to be the most powerful known tool for unifying humanity.

With the dawning of the pandemic, Tom and Gary were forced to Decentralize the DDP in bold new ways and began experimenting with virtual Parties…

And it was quickly realized that everyone within the virtual Parties could ALSO act as a Terrestrial Party Node, linking the celebration back into public spaces with interactive two-way audio and video!

Within this adversity, they had finally cracked the code on how to create fully interactive Global Parties! Time and space could no longer divide us!

These “mixed-reality” hybrid Parties were held every Saturday night for the next six months straight, climaxing in a momentous celebration on World Peace Weekend 2020. At long last, Tom and Gary had the footage required to complete the DDP documentary!

A 2013 envisioning of DDP Beacons globally, before the tech for virtual DDPs existed
The real-time DDP Beacon Map of Peace Day 2020!

The Documentary:

A Battle Plan For World Peace will showcase the DDP’s astounding and hilarious evolution from rural hillbilly buffoonery to a cherished global movement grounded in family-friendly tenets and deep philosophical ideals.

It will also be accompanied by a thriving Decentralized Party Community on the Sparkleverse social network platform and very special two-volume book: The Official DDP Field Manual / A Battle Plan for World Peace.

The intention is to fully Open-Source and Decentralize the DDP. To inspire as many as possible to host their own Capital-P Parties so that this becomes an enduring global movement that will touch as many lives as possible.

2000+ hours of incredible video footage was captured over the past 11 years during 100 massive mobile Parties hosted in over 40 cities across the globe.

And now, 100+ hours of footage from the Virtual DDPs, which have been hosted every Saturday night since the dawn of the pandemic.

The astonishing evolution of the DDP will be revealed as Tom, Gary and the rest of the DDP Family work towards their boldest achievement yet: a massive mixed-reality celebration on World Peace Day amidst a global pandemic.

Its release will lay the groundwork and help build the momentum required for a Primeval Party Moment more powerful than all which have come before:
A Nobel Prize-worthy celebration on World Peace Day 2021!


Gary Lachance

Gary is the “Party Philosopher” and self-appointed “Spiritual Advisor” of the DDP, charged with ensuring that the Spirit is never lost and Capital-P Partying perseveres as a uniquely powerful global emancipation movement.

He has been the primary driving force behind the DDP and is the only person still deeply involved since its inception.

An iconoclastic figure who developed “Capital-P” Party philosophy, sired multiple DDP “Families” and ensured that values like inclusion, openness and decommodification were never, ever compromised.

His personal journey, struggles and evolution as a human being and semi-reluctant leader of this movement will serve as a fascinating cornerstone of the narrative.

Gary has also been a filmmaker since age 15 and is a preeminent figure in the cryptocurrency / Decentralization movement.

This Open-Source movement is inextricably interwoven with core DDP values and forms the essential underpinning of an even greater holistic vision for eliminating all means of sadness and oppression forever, as espoused below :)

The “Toms”

Tom Kuzma AKA “Original Tom” was Gary’s best friend growing up in rural Ontario. Another unique and hilarious character, he and Gary built the DDP together and there are hundreds of hours of footage featuring the highs and lows as they pioneered Capital-P Party culture over the first two years...

After a falling-out in early 2011, Gary was forced to find another “Tom” and this has become a long-running joke, with many other bizarre and hilarious moustached individuals rising to assume the mantle of “Tom”.

The Tom above was previously known as Kyle MacDonald AKA “the guy who traded a paperclip for a house”.

This was likely the biggest news story of 2005 and has since become a book translated into 13 languages and a TED Talk with over 13 million views!

He and Gary also once purchased every item in a store in a wild scheme to fund Party Safari 2011; featured in the heartwarming viral video below.

Next up was “American Tom”, a tireless Party enthusiast and Iraq War veteran who helped the DDP execute multiple Party Safaris across the USA and successfully navigate the Great Dogecoin Gold Rush of 2014.

Then came Drew, another Canadian Tom who helped to oversee the DDP’s 2015 European Tour, among many other misadventures.

Inspired by the promise of Decentralization, he went on to create Canada’s longest-running Bitcoin ATM network and online exchange.

The most recent Tom is a Great Party Patriarch once referred to as “Devon”. With a strict Mormon upbringing, he and his friends also gave rise to a uniquely fun, authentic and outlandish “Capital-P” Party culture.

A perfect fit for the DDP, we expect him to endure for millennia.

Plot Twist: WE ARE ALL TOM.

Jacques Martiquet

Gary’s “Unofficial Son” and founder of the VYVE Radical Wellness Company, Jacques is a fierce and fearless young man who was inspired by the DDP and then went on to forge his own path.

With his trusty Soundboks, he has truly revolutionized the science of Partying, hosting hundreds of unauthorized celebrations worldwide and inspiring his father and the DDP in many ways.

Often referred to as “The One-Man Festival”, history will likely record him as The World’s Greatest Hype Man. He and Gary still frequently collaborate:

The DDP attracts people who DO NOT FIT in society and DO NOT FOLLOW prescribed social norms. Supremely self-expressive, these are True Individuals who are completely unrepentant in their authenticity.

Dozens of these fascinating folks have been involved as DDP Family Members over the years and will also be featured prominently!

Tone / Style:

Present-day interviews and historical footage filmed throughout the DDP’s evolution will be used to craft the narrative structure.

The history of the DDP will also be relayed via physical artifacts and locations, especially the DDP Headquarters (Gary’s apartment) in Vancouver, where hundreds of hours of footage has been shot over the years.

The film is intended to be a Call To Arms that will empower a global community; inspiring viewers to join the movement and activate as many Party Nodes as possible on World Peace Day 2021.

To create innumerable “Sacred Fires Of Partying” that will inspire humanity to forever eradicate all means of sadness and division!

A greater force for spontaneous joy and connection does not exist and we absolutely believe that uniting the world in celebration will be the greatest step towards unifying all nations and individuals, Christmas Truce style!

Music is truly the Universal Human Language and Decentralized Sound Systems are without a doubt the greatest possible weapons for peace and liberation ever devised.

Current Documentary Team:


We are deeply committed to ensuring that we do not end up beholden to Centralized media conglomerates in producing this film and plan to fully embody our Open and Decentralized ethos by releasing it copyright-free.

This would allow it to be broadcast worldwide with zero restrictions and enable our rallying call to reach the maximum number of viewers!

Because of this, financing must be secured by less traditional means. We hope that those who are aligned with our values and vision will please support the cause, either by donating or simply sharing this page :)

We are also linked to film production nonprofits in both Canada and the USA, which will allow donations to be written off as a charitable donation on taxes.

Cryptocurrency Donations and Patreon are also VERY welcome!

Those who support us via crypto will be rewarded with limited-edition digital “Peace Bond” tokens and may partake in the inevitable Nobel Prize bounty!

Click HERE for full details of our supremely ambitious Peace Bond campaign.

To arrange a donation, please contact us or support via the links above :)


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